Industry 3.0 era



If pure hardware driven is the representative of chemical industry 1.0 era, and circular economy emphasizing coordinated development is 2.0 era, then the subversive change brought by digital intelligence chemical industry in the cloud is a more cross era 3.0 era.

Hebei Shijiazhuang circular chemical industry park and Jingdong Zhilian cloud launch digital economic cooperation

On October 16, Hebei Shijiazhuang circular Chemical Industry Park (hereinafter referred to as chemical industry park) and Jingdong Zhilian cloud launched digital economic cooperation. Focusing on the key projects of digital infrastructure construction, digital industry ecosystem construction and sustainable development, Jingdong Zhilian cloud successfully cracked the "development code" of the digital economy era for the chemical industry park, and pushed the traditional chemical industry into the digital intelligence 3.0 era.

"Four ones" project to release digital vitalityShijiazhuang circular chemical industry park is the first batch of provincial industrial cluster and circular economy demonstration park confirmed by Hebei provincial government. It is an important economic growth pole carefully built and cultivated by Shijiazhuang municipal Party committee and government. In recent years, the park has made great efforts to develop digital economy, continuously improve digital infrastructure and information resources, and actively explore the digital road of industrial transformation and upgrading.

As the cloud intelligence manufacturer with the most industrial attributes, JD Zhilian cloud, relying on JD's technical capabilities in big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of things, as well as long-term business practice and technology precipitation, has become the partner of digital transformation of chemical industry park in the new era. Around the co construction of the "four ones" project, the implementation of a digital economy service subject, the construction of a new set of digital infrastructure, the implementation of a batch of digital economy application demonstration projects, and the construction of a digital economy industrial park, Jingdong Zhilian cloud provides the chemical industry park with technical support, industrial planning, industrial agglomeration, industrial incubation, industrial cultivation, operation analysis and other industry life cycle services It has strengthened the "technical base" for the digital upgrading of the park.

Four in one digital industry ecosystem

The construction of digital infrastructure provides a good development soil for the industrial upgrading of the chemical industry park. How to create the "flower of digital industry" on this soil depends on the establishment of an open and shared, data fusion and breakthrough, collaborative innovation of digital industry ecosystem, so as to effectively avoid the disorder of the Park's basic resources input, and realize the application-oriented, and chemical industry The development mode of deep integration of industrial innovation.

Relying on the national new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform of intelligent supply chain, Jingdong Zhilian cloud customized the industrial cloud computing center, industrial big data platform, Internet of things platform and video cloud platform for the chemical industry park. Combined with the advantages of Jingdong ecological resources, it built a digital industrial ecosystem integrating data, technology, application and security, and improved the unified construction of digital economic infrastructure in the park Set up and intensive management, effectively promote the development of digital industry cluster, activate the vitality of traditional chemical industry.

Song Tongyuan, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Shijiazhuang circular chemical industry park, Hebei Province, expressed high expectations for the value of digital ecosystem. He believed that the development level of Internet, e-commerce, intelligent logistics and other modern service industries in the park would be effectively improved through the technology empowerment of Jingdong Zhilian cloud, which would help the construction of National Chemical Industry Park and accelerate the industrial structure of the park Transformation and upgrading and high-quality development.

Three platforms supporting sustainable development

Although remarkable technical support has been obtained in the construction of digital infrastructure and digital ecosystem, a series of problems such as lack of high-quality business environment, stable and efficient supply chain management, difficulty in financing and high cost of financing are still "obstacles" on the road of sustainable development of chemical industry parks.

Aiming at the management problems faced by the chemical industry and the strong demand for innovation and development, JD Zhilian cloud has built an intelligent business public service platform, a chemical industry supply chain commodity circulation platform, and an industrial financial service platform. It has opened up the key links of "research, production, supply and marketing" and the whole transaction and circulation chain of the chemical industry, and provided enterprises with risk control modeling, product matching, information release, and enterprises Business management, credit management of financial services, to provide efficient and intelligent financial solutions, to build a sustainable development of the chemical industry ecology.

From "traditional chemical industry" in 1.0 era to "circular economy" in 2.0 era, Jingdong Zhilian cloud has opened the 3.0 era of "digital intelligence" in Hebei circular chemical industry park. With the digital technology leading the industry reform and the continuous release of Jingdong's whole industry and chain value, the chemical industry park will officially usher in a new industrial development situation of "upgrading of traditional industries, agglomeration of emerging industries, and active digital economy", so as to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of industries in Shijiazhuang and even the whole Hebei region.