Chemical safety management and accident emergency management measures


Abstract: in recent years, great progress has been made in China's chemical industry, and more and more attention has been paid to the safety management of chemical industry. The raw materials used in chemical production operation have flammable and explosive properties. In the actual work process, once the relevant staff lack of safety awareness, it is easy to produce various safety hazards in the production operation, which will not only affect the economic benefits of enterprises, but also threaten the life safety of staff. In view of this, this paper mainly expounds the importance of chemical safety management for reference only.

Key words: chemical safety design; chemical accident; current situation; design analysis


With the continuous development of China's chemical industry, the number of chemical enterprises has increased rapidly, which leads to the research on safety management and emergency management measures of chemical industry has become a hot research topic in related industries. In this paper, chemical safety management and accident emergency management measures as the breakthrough point, in view of the existing safety problems in the chemical industry, integrated the safety management system of excellent chemical enterprises at home and abroad, put forward the corresponding solutions, hoping to have certain reference value for relevant practitioners and scholars

1 The importance of strengthening chemical safety design

Compared with other industries, chemical industry production has higher risk, and it is very easy to cause safety accidents if it is a little careless. Therefore, it is very important to do well in chemical safety design. The occurrence of chemical safety accidents is caused by improper storage of active materials and inflammable and explosive materials, which not only threatens the safety of personnel, but also brings huge losses to enterprises. For example, in 2010, a major explosion occurred in 303 plant of Lanzhou PetroChina, with an explosion shock within 17km. In this accident, six people died, one seriously injured and five others were injured lightly. After investigation and research, the accident is mainly due to the improper handling of the emergency leakage, which has caused an explosion accident. The loss to the enterprise is immeasurable, and at the same time, it has caused bad social influence. Therefore, we must pay attention to the design of chemical safety production, minimize the probability of accidents, and achieve the goal of safety production. In the process of production, chemical enterprises should pay attention to the safety design in the aspects of equipment inspection, daily inspection and protection, especially the inspection and maintenance of equipment safety and service life, which is an important measure to ensure the safety and high effect of various facilities and equipment. At the same time, in the process of chemical safety design, we should pay attention to the storage of raw materials. In the chemical industry, whether raw materials or finished products are unstable, once the management work is not in place, it is very easy to cause a series of accidents such as explosion and poisoning, which seriously threaten the safety of personnel life, and also bring huge economic losses to enterprises Lost. Therefore, we must pay attention to the storage of chemical materials and finished products. Only to ensure the safety of storage can we achieve the purpose of safe production and reduce the probability of accidents.

2 Analysis of the new era of chemical safety production and management process of some of the security risks

2.1 Problems in chemical production equipment

Some chemical enterprises only pay attention to the production process and neglect the maintenance and upgrading of production equipment. What's more, some factories not only pay attention to the production process, but also use the obsolete production equipment, or do not master the information of advanced production equipment, so they can't upgrade the production equipment in time. As a result, the equipment itself has potential safety hazards and the operators are in production In the process, there is no regular maintenance and inspection of the production equipment, and the problems found in the production are not handled immediately, resulting in potential safety hazards in the production process.

2.2 Safety management system is not in place

The nature of chemical production is high-risk, so China has adopted relevant laws and regulations to ensure production safety, but chemical enterprises failed to carry out work according to relevant laws and regulations in actual production, which increased the accident rate. Some managers in the enterprise are lack of safety awareness and the role of safety management. They pay more attention to the production schedule, which makes the safety management system superficial and causes safety accidents to occur repeatedly, which hinders the development of chemical market.

2.3 Lack of safety management concept in chemical enterprises

In the process of the rapid development of many small and medium-sized chemical enterprises, the personnel engaged in the related work of chemical enterprises have not been provided in time, resulting in a large number of non professional, or lack of professional quality personnel into the industry, which leads to a large number of small and medium-sized chemical enterprises with weak safety awareness and lack of safety management concept, and the existence of these personnel is great The safety management accidents of small and medium-sized chemical enterprises are increased. In addition, a large number of small and medium-sized chemical enterprises rely on relatively backward production technology and production equipment when they are established, and the backward infrastructure has also become a huge potential safety hazard in the development of small and medium-sized chemical enterprises. Backward production technology and equipment and insufficient professional quality of employees are the main reasons for the hidden danger of safety management in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, some enterprises do not have safety management training and guidance for employees, which makes the safety awareness of employees can not be improved, which brings greater safety risks for the safety accidents of enterprises.

3 Chemical safety management and accident emergency management measures

3.1 Update production equipment in time

There are many reasons leading to safety accidents in the production process of chemical enterprises. One of the most common and easily overlooked problems is equipment failure. Therefore, in the specific implementation of chemical production work, we must ensure that the whole process is scientific and reasonable, and actively introduce and use some advanced equipment. To ensure the reliability and effectiveness of instruments and equipment in the selection and utilization, but also to ensure that the most basic standard requirements, so as to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the entire chemical production process. In addition, risk analysis and research must be carried out for the process devices in practical application, and they can only be used in the production line after reaching the standard requirements. The fundamental purpose of this is to avoid serious leakage of the output pipeline in the actual application process as far as possible. At the same time, it should be combined with the actual production status, so as to put forward targeted maintenance measures for the equipment. At the same time, the equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly, especially for some old equipment, which should be updated in time. For various types of instruments and equipment involved, a series of safety precautions should be taken in advance to ensure the effective implementation of the emergency mechanism. In this way, not only can the effective avoidance of safety accidents be realized, but also the loss impact caused by safety accidents can be reduced as much as possible.

3.2 Improve the safety management system

Some chemical enterprises have not yet perfected the safety management system, so it is necessary to build a management system in line with the actual production of such enterprises. The implementation of safety production requires the appropriate management system as a guarantee. The safety production in chemical enterprises affects the safety and property of workers, and also affects the survival of enterprises. If the safety management system is not improved, the chemical enterprises can not implement the safety management system in operation, which will lead to the gradual extinction of enterprises in the market competition. If chemical enterprises want to survive in the market competition, they need to improve the safety management system. In this process, the leaders of chemical enterprises should also actively participate to ensure that the implementation of this work has strong executive power. Enterprise leaders need to set an example and seriously implement the relevant safety management system. Reward and punishment measures should be implemented in the implementation. For the behavior violating the operation, the punishment should be implemented. For the behavior that can adhere to the safety production operation specification, the reward should be given.

3.3 Improve the safety management awareness of employees

For most of China's chemical enterprises, the top management department has a certain sense of safety management, but the basic staff engaged in the production of chemical products are lack of a certain sense of safety management, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, in the process of their own development, they have absorbed a lot of non professional talents, coupled with the lack of corresponding production safety training in enterprises, leading to their safety awareness and It is not very high, so in the construction and reform of the safety management system of chemical enterprises in China, we should strengthen the safety awareness training of this part of the staff, so that they can realize the danger of safety accidents in chemical enterprises. Only in this way can the basic staff understand the importance of ensuring the production safety of chemical enterprises, and achieve the ideal effect in the future work, otherwise, no matter how to advance The construction of line safety management system will eventually become an armchair.


To sum up, chemical enterprises in the production process, must ensure the safety and stability of the whole production process, so as to improve the level of safety management, but also to maximize the economic benefits of chemical enterprises. Safety production and management measures are proposed and implemented in practice, not only to effectively avoid the risk problems encountered in the production process, but also to avoid serious safety accidents as far as possible, reduce the loss of enterprises, achieve the safety objectives of enterprises, and provide effective protection for the personal safety of staff.